Monday, 14 June 2010

Sport: Team England woz Robbed - but we all make mistakes

Rob Green.

On Saturday 12th June 2010, millions of people across the English isle witnessed scenes they wished were nothing but a nightmare. During a football (soccer to the Yanks) match, the goalie (Green) let slip a ball that dribbled into the goal, meaning that let go of two points in the process.

I myself was caught up in the anger hype and was initially upset, but then thought, how many of us make mistakes and people become so quick to become angry over it?

What good is it getting enraged over a result that can't be changed? Not much. It may be cathartic initially, but if it lingers, it's time to let go, mate.

He did make a great save afterwards, but oftentimes that doesn't make the headlines.

Yes, we were robbed, but we all make mistakes, and if we learn from them then hopefully we can be all the better for it.