Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Music: Remember this? Nicole Wray - I'm Lookin'

I really thought Nicole Wray was destined for big things that year (2001), but that didn't materialise. Who would you put in your list of underrated songs or artists?

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Health: How do you treat a cold?

It's snowing all over the UK, and I have no scientific proof, but weeks after I stopped eating garlic I got this cold - and it's not nice.

It's been generally accepted is that garlic helps boost the immune system. I also love honey and lemon.

 (Photo from http://en.loadtr.com/Lemon-412529.htm)

What works for you? It may help us!

Current affairs: Wikileaks - are you bothered?

The Guardian has accessed thousands of files from Wikileaks, revealing thoughts on the UK Royal Family and former country leaders, among other international matters.

Do you think these files undermine the US?
Will it lead to the same process happening in many other countries?
Do you think it's unrealistic to think the US wouldn't have any negative thoughts on other countries' leaders?

Tell me your thoughts

TV: X Factor: So Katie and Wagner are out!

The two most controversial acts from The X Factor, Katie Waissel (below left) and Wagner Carrilho (below right) have been voted out - not a moment too soon, some would add.

For me, Katie was contrived personified, but could hold a tune. Wagner was fun, but should have had his dreams of singing last so long really.

What do you think?
Are either out too soon?
Not soon enough?
Who are your favourites?

Lemme know!

TV: Who watched The Family? - Part 2

Did you watch The Family this week?

I did, but didn't enjoy it as much as the first episode: principally because Sunday and Vicky (my favourites) weren't in it as much.

Julie, the elder sister inspired the most debate on Twitterville...

Mainly because she:

  • bossed her sister about a lot
  • argued with her elder brother Ayo a lot
  • seemed to shout in the air a lot

What were her reasons for this aggression? Some attributed this to resentment, some jealousy, some control... Others thought she was just looking out for her family members.

Was she as aggressive as people seemed to think?

If you missed it, you can watch it online now

Let me know what you think below...

Friday, 26 November 2010

Words: Friends

Friends bring out our true colours in their adversity...
We either fight alongside them - or we flee.

We must ask ourselves in authenticity...
"For all of my pals: Where have I been?"

Thursday, 18 November 2010

Music: Smokin' - 'Smokestack Lightnin'' by Howlin' Wolf

After years and years and years of trying to work out what the song was when we heard it on an advert, trust E4 teen drama Misfits to sort out the mystery! Always thought the lyrics were 'Smoke Daddy like me' - how does that even make sense?! Well, the lyrics have been demystified. Woo hoo indeed!

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Music: Adele's back with 'Rollin' in the Deep'

After a two-year withdrawal from our ears (except via a lot of TV idents and X Factor contestant karaoke duplications) Ms Adkins is back!

TV: Who watched The Family?

So who watched The Family ?

I thought it was warm, entertaining and dare I use the word - real.

Things to learn:

A fair few Nigerian people do tend to call people 'My friend' - surely the best way to diffuse tension?
A fair few Nigerian people like to sing along to uplifting gospel, traditional or spiritual music - no matter how bad they sound.
A fair few Nigerian people work really hard to succeed.

What did you love most about it?

Let me know your thoughts.