Thursday, 14 August 2014

Happy New Day

I hope we all have a great day.

I hope we become our best selves.

It's one thing to hear that "abs are created in the kitchen", "reading feeds the brain" - it's another to act out.

I hope we all do.

Who ate all the pies? Well, I ate some.

The team at Pieminister sent over some pies for me and colleagues. They were lovely. I quite like the taste of some savoury foods with a touch of a drink which brings a richness to it and the Brew Dog-infused Chick 'n' Hop or Moodog pies. The former has the Brewdog Punk IPA, as well as chicken, ham and cheddar, while the latter contained 5AM Saint Ale, steak and bacon.

Both were succulent and filling.

Well recommended.