Friday, 17 March 2017

Entrepreneur: Ape to Gentleman's Chris Beastall

There are certain people who when you are in contact with them, they exude graciousness and get-up-and-go, Chris Beastall is one. He's on a mission to get other men educated in all things grooming and lifestyle. I got to chat with him...
  1. What is the name and nature of your business?
Ape to Gentleman - an online men's grooming, fashion and lifestyle magazine helping the modern man continue his evolution through a focus on style, quality and value.

  1. How did you come up it?
It came from the desire to talk about men’s grooming in more detail - which was an emerging market. It’s since grown to encompass all things men’s lifestyle.

  1. What’s the structure of your business?
We have a small team at HQ, and a team of expert freelancers around the UK - who have strong knowledge in each of their sectors.
  1. What’s the USP of your business?
Men’s lifestyle features and brands through our own unique eye.

  1. What made you choose this type of business?
From a feeling there was a gap in the market to do something unique in the men’s online space - adhering to our target man and his values.

  1. How did you fund your business?
Self-funded entirely, with some investment from family.

  1. What are your responsibilities as the business owner?
As Editor - I’m in charge of overseeing the advertising, editorial schedule and managing our team.

  1. Where are you based and why there?
Based in Derbyshire, in the UK. It’s where I was born, and enjoy the Peak District and its fresh air. We all travel a lot so its handy for Manchester and Birmingham airport, and also just a short hour or so train ride to central London.

  1. What was the underlying mission for the business when you created it?
To help men - to educate them and make better decisions in their buying process. To make sure we feature what is best, and not just who has the biggest advertising budget.

  1. What do you think has been key to your success?
An honest approach, and providing useful information.

  1. Do you have staff or do you run the business alone?
We have myself and two full-time staff plus a small team of expert freelancers.

  1. And if you do, what do you look for in an employee/contributor?
Somebody who has love for what we are achieving at Ape - the brand and its values. And of course an in-depth knowledge of their field with an ability to convey it with beautiful words.

  1. How do you promote your business and its products/services - ie traditionally, via social media?
Social media, organic SEO traffic and our email newsletter.

  1. What are your future goals for the company?
To boost traffic with much more quality content and further cement our reputation as the go to for brands wishing to reach their target market - our beloved audience.
  1. If you had one piece of advice for a fellow entrepreneur, what would it be?
Find something you love doing, apply a business model to it and work like there’s no tomorrow.

You can check out Chris's site here