Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Mighty fine chocs

Just before the Easter break I was emailed asking if I would like to sample some chocolates from a company called BEECH'S*. There was no doubt I was going to say "yes". I knew I wouldn't be overdosing on Easter eggs anyway so I was curious to see how good or bad the chocolates would taste.

The chocolates arrived the day after Easter Monday and came as a welcome midday snack. The chocolate was smooth and silky... I am a particular fan of white chocolate over any other chocolate (I know connoisseurs will not be happy with that - where are the cocoa solids they ask) but it's my favourite. 

The milk chocolate with sea salt is always a good idea too, the individual salt grain that hits one's tongue against the sweet chocolate is a delight.

Well recommended (and there's more if you prefer the darker stuff).

Beech's Fine Chocolates Milk Chocolate Anglesey Sea Salt 60g Bar


Beech's Fine Chocolates White Chocolate 60g Bar


Tuesday, 8 April 2014

Health: If Running a 10K

The Cancer Research Race for Life will be taking place soon. I did the 5K in 2011 and 10K in 2012. Not amazing times but was very happy I did it.

Things that helped me:

Support - I had friends run alongside me in the 5K and in the 10K I ran with noone I knew, but made sure I had a cheering friend on the sidelines - so glad I did because that support pulled me through.

Music - I also ran with running music - a soundtrack that I loved!

Food - I didn't eat anything too heavy beforehand. It was a sunny day for both races, but in 2012 it ran at the end. Probably just as well. Kept me cool!

Clothes - Wear PINK.