Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Music: I'm loving right now

It's only a snippet but I am SERIOUSLY FEELIN' the new Sugab... oops... MutyaKeishaSiobhan ( (MKS) tune... snippet... called 'Flatline'

Flatline starts off (and concludes) a bit Coldplay-like with commanding drumbeats, military-timed "oh oh oh oh oh ohs" following through to synths and squeezed in the middle are those stunning harmonies... it's like current "pop" acts (in the UK, at least) have starved the buying public of decent harmonies on purpose (and overdosed on autotune) so MKS can show how it's done!  

If you've been watching the channel 4 series Dates, this tune will be familiar. I think I fall in love with songs too easily. It happened with Alicia Keys' Unthinkable, Elbow's Mirrorball and almost all of Drake's rapballads and now this. It's Chloe from Hannah Peel. It's atmospheric, epic, floaty, airy, whimsical, daydreamy lushness. "I'm not lonely in the dark", the lyric repeats. Just beautiful.

What are your fave tunes right now?

Sunday, 16 June 2013

Music: Blurred lines indeed... Music and misogyny?

While I am happy for Mr Thicke for getting a number one, I am not happy it took this song... or more relevantly this video to get him there...

I am loved him since these days below...

The thing is... so many people were pretty pissed off (on Twitter and in everyday convo anyways) when Beyoncé commanded "Bow Down Bitches" so I am surprised at the lack of anger / vitriol landing at Robin's door because of his crude video (why in the 21st century is it okay for men to talk about women being animals and then parade them around accordingly - the unrated one leaves nothing to the imagination). Is it 'cos he's a man?

I don't get it.

What do you think?

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Food: food, glorious food!

I was invited to the Chelsea Flower Afternoon at the Intercontinental Hotel* last weekend - and I was very excited, I must say!

My sis and I were given free-flowing orange juice (Champagne was the alternative, but neither of us like it), finger sandwiches (cucumber, salmon, beef and ham), a selection of cakes and pastries - including a violet-infused eclair and a strawberry tart, scones (plain and fruity), lemon mousse lollipops, white chocolate butterflies and of course, lots of tea. We went for Darjeeling because of its fresh and fruity undertones.

The service was friendly - we were served by a sweet guy called Felix - and had a harpist playing in the background where we could request songs - classical and modern.

My favourite part of the tea was the strawberry tart, sandwiches and the drinks to wash it down with. I'm not a big fan of dried fruit so the Eccles cake didn't take my fancy.

Overall, it was lovely to take time out of one's weekend to enjoy the treats of Chelsea at Westminster!

Click here for more information on the hotel, or go to