Monday, 31 December 2018

New Year New Me?

In my birthday post I wrote the following:


I would like to:

  • Learn French to a conversational standard - I was good at it until A-levels (haha)
  • Create an arts hub in south east London area
  • Have at least two paid voiceover work gigs in my portfolio
  • Start a marketing consultancy/Have freelance marketing contracts
  • Be 61kg or less
  • Have an arts exhibition of my own


And I want to continue the momentum for the year ahead  - 2019.

How am I getting on?

French - I started off well, writing and practising from YouTube videos but I know I need to get into a proper routine. Maybe 10-20 minutes a day?

Arts hub? Noone near begun!

Voiceover work gigs - only two free ones so far, and that was at work, impromptu. It will help with my goal though - here they are:

Marketing consultancy: again, nowhere near yet. However, I have helped with looking over people's work on an ad-hoc basis and I wrote for Black Ballad for the first time (and I hope not the last:

Being 61kg or less: nah, not yet lol

Working on the arts exhibition. That is a walk of faith, I feel like something is holding me back so in 2019 let me get to the root of that, uproot it and flourish!

Wishing you a wonderful 2019!