Monday, 6 April 2015

The Big Painting Challenge

I've really enjoyed the The Big Painting Challenge on BBC One. (I did love the one they did in Liverpool funnily enough). They've concentrated on different subjects, scenes and media - it's been quite an inspiring series.

The judges Daphne Todd and Lachlan Goudie were honest and constructive - not just harsh for the sake of it (looking at you singing talent shows).

And well done to the Winner - Paul Bell.

I'll be watching next year.

Ink about it...

Hi Readers,

Thank you for sticking with this blog!

As you may be aware... I love fashion illustration and intend to do it a lot.

I've done life drawing here and there over the years... and maybe haven't quite got *it*... and I wouldn't say that I have got *it* fully now... but with the Fashion Illustration course at LCF, even more so than the Fashion Drawing one, I am getting *there*...

A few weeks ago I did a Dior dress painting in ink (below). Last year I don't think I would ever have explored doing fashion illustration with paint - probably would have stuck to markers and pencils - never mind painting in ink!

I love the vibrancy, immediacy and risk of ink... it's a challenge.

One thing I have been taught is to not paint in the colours as I obviously see them but to wonder and create. Using inks is something I'm really excited about. I bought my pack from Cass Art.

I look forward to creating more.

Artists, what are your views on ink and fashion illustration?

Please leave comments below...