Monday, 6 April 2015

Ink about it...

Hi Readers,

Thank you for sticking with this blog!

As you may be aware... I love fashion illustration and intend to do it a lot.

I've done life drawing here and there over the years... and maybe haven't quite got *it*... and I wouldn't say that I have got *it* fully now... but with the Fashion Illustration course at LCF, even more so than the Fashion Drawing one, I am getting *there*...

A few weeks ago I did a Dior dress painting in ink (below). Last year I don't think I would ever have explored doing fashion illustration with paint - probably would have stuck to markers and pencils - never mind painting in ink!

I love the vibrancy, immediacy and risk of ink... it's a challenge.

One thing I have been taught is to not paint in the colours as I obviously see them but to wonder and create. Using inks is something I'm really excited about. I bought my pack from Cass Art.

I look forward to creating more.

Artists, what are your views on ink and fashion illustration?

Please leave comments below...

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