Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Self: Filter. Light. Cojones.

These three words represent my tripartite theme for 2013... Filter. Light. Cojones.

Filter. I could spend days and days online reading everything and nothing. I want to be more discerning and time-precious and conscious about how much my life is spent doing things that don't pay off. That includes less life-sapping social network and site surfing. I am striving to reduce online consumption and FILTER through to get what is necessary. And as an social media addict like me, that won't be easy, but by the grace of God I'll succeed. If you have any tips on effective online filtration, do me a favour and leave it in the comments section or on my Twitter, please! The next word would certainly help me with that...

Light. Illumination. Enlightenment. Wisdom. Call it what you will, I will doggedly pursue it. When you know what you're here for, you waste no time on things that are leading down the wrong route. It's easy to get side-tracked, but I would love to be able to justifiably say daily that I walk in Light - and let that guide what I do. So help me God!!! When you're guided by Light, you're not left in the dark - metaphorically or otherwise. But with the Light comes risks: public exposures of weaknesses, ridicule, criticism... But I guess when you have the next word, that's less of a worry...

Cojones. The scariest part of my theme. Spanish for balls as in ballsy I am not considered the most outspoken person - online or off - but this year I strive to speak truth more boldly than I ever have before and I want to be the bravest that I have ever been before too: be ejected from planes, do marathons or half, I want to carry this word "cojones" in my head and my metaphorical heart all my life. It will also mean perhaps coming to blows because of the differing views - however this quotes from Forbes magazine sums it up so well: "Fear of confrontation is so overwhelming, but if you communicate boldly, more frequently, and honestly in 2013, and you’re not afraid to work through conflict, you’ll likely reduce your stress..." But that apply to every dang day you're alive.

So this is it.

My theme for the year is: 
Filter. Light. Cojones.

What's yours?