Sunday, 28 November 2010

Current affairs: Wikileaks - are you bothered?

The Guardian has accessed thousands of files from Wikileaks, revealing thoughts on the UK Royal Family and former country leaders, among other international matters.

Do you think these files undermine the US?
Will it lead to the same process happening in many other countries?
Do you think it's unrealistic to think the US wouldn't have any negative thoughts on other countries' leaders?

Tell me your thoughts


  1. It's looking very embarrassing for the US. Although I am a big supporter of freedom of information, I do think there are some things we shouldn't know. It won't stop me from reading it though...

  2. Do you think it's really damaging - or just slightly cringeworthy?

  3. What I've seen so far seems to be more cringeworthy than damaging, but who knows what will come out next? You know how the papers like to drag out a story!
    The most noteworthy revelation so far (in my opinion) has been the attitude of some Arab countries towards Iran.