Friday, 31 December 2010

Life: 2010 - So long, farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, goodbye!

The year has been eventful hasn't it?

No Big Brother on channel 4 (but I think The Family has replaced that reality hunger ;o) ), X Factor's growing bigger than ever (thanks Wagner!), Kate and William are giving us a Bank Holiday next year, the economy was a lil' better than last year (but it's still not great), cables released what world leaders really think of each other, parts of the US and UK almost came to a standstill because of the white stuff - snow, that is ;o), Northern Ireland and parts of Yorskhire are without water a man who created a system for guys and girls to rate attractiveness (allegedly) became TIME's person of the year, and we came to learn that 500,000,000 of us use it in an entirely different way as Facebook.

So, what did 2010 mean to you? I hope it was a good 'un, the fact that I'm still here to make my dreams a reality is sommat I'm grateful for.

If 2010 wasn't your best year so far, make 2011 so.

Here's to a year of:

Uncharted waters
Prosperity and wealth creation
Unprecedented sowing and reaping
Legacy creation
Endless laughter
Music and singing
Solutions to problems
Shot calling
Game changing
Good times

for you.

Till 2011


  1. My first foray into your blogging abode - forgive me, for I always wanted to give it the proper attention I felt it deserved.

    It's been a wonderful year, really exciting, lots of lessons learnt (that is how I phrase "lot of unpleasant things happened"), and soo much, TOO much, to be thankful for. And I know in my heart of hearts, that 2011 is set up to be even better!

    So here's to the New Year - Let's make it a good one... the best of all our years!

  2. Agreed Yinkster. "We are what we repeatedly do..." as our Ari once said, so let's repeatedly do what we wanna do and live how we wanna live. Here's to a brill 2011.

    Thanks for takin' to time to grab a peek ;o)

  3. You're positivity is wonderful. Need a few more Ebunolas in the world for 2011 I think!

  4. I'll say Amen to all those things for 2011.
    2010 was great but this year will be even greater! Have a lovely 2011.

  5. Thanks T.S. - One is enough for a reason ;o)
    GG, same to you!

  6. Happy New Year and Decade to you.

    Versatile and stylish: you've been tagged, missy. check out the rules on my blog.