Sunday, 28 November 2010

Health: How do you treat a cold?

It's snowing all over the UK, and I have no scientific proof, but weeks after I stopped eating garlic I got this cold - and it's not nice.

It's been generally accepted is that garlic helps boost the immune system. I also love honey and lemon.

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What works for you? It may help us!


  1. Nando's is a good cure. Get at least a medium quarter chicken, with spicy rice, chips and medium piri-piri sauce and it will quite literally dynamite the snot outta your nose - to put it nicely.

    Failing that, blackcurrant Lemsip.

  2. Ginger (fresh not powdered) and lemon tea. Add honey to sweeten. Always works for me and very soothing.

  3. @Thomas - lol, will have to try that, ta

    @Forum - some days I love ginger, some days I don't. But for the sake of health, must learn to love it! Thanks.