Saturday, 30 April 2011

Lifestyle: So here's to Willie & Kate (The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge)

I drew the happy couple because I felt like it.

Kate looked bloomin' beautiful in her Grace Kelly-inspired dress:


In the midst of the pomp and pageantry, we learnt seven things:

What were your thoughts about the Royal Wedding? Let me know below.


  1. Ladies --- Boob wedding dresses with all the breasts hanging out should die and NEVER be resurrected Amen!.

    Less is more. Elegance is the key. Flesh and lots of it DO NOT, I REPEAT, do not have to be on display for your guests... Let hubby to be deal with that.

    ...and for the men, after making the lady WAIT so long, be honorable and marry her, or at least tell her no early enough.

    Intentional, respect for self and others and adequate privacy works. Reading what is available of their dating story, she knew what she wanted and was intentional.....

    Nice drawing :-)

    Now, let me go and be intentional and look for my intended so I can have me some brown babies after I say "I DO" :-)


  2. Thanks for your comments Remi, I agree that less is more although I have been partial to a strapless number myself - though not a white wedding dress - context is everything!

    He finally did put a ring on it!