Sunday, 16 August 2015

Inspired!: On... Entrepreneurship

My friends and I are all on different journeys and trajectories and I am proud of them.

One of them is Brenda (below centre) who has started a jewellery business called SaraBree, retailing Ghanaian print watches as well as curating an ensemble of cute earring, bracelet and bangle sets.

She launched her business yesterday at Africa Live Festival (above) - and what is most inspiring in a way is that she has one boy who is just under one-years-old and has been ploughing away at creating the business while looking after her son on maternity leave.

It is inspiring to see new-mum entrepreneurship not only in the media but around me in real life.

I asked what spurred her on and she said: "I always wanted to start a business that involved celebration of my Ghanaian heritage but it was only when I had some time away from work (maternity leave) that I had the motivation to start something. How I got going was by investing in my idea. I had some savings that I used to get started and this gave me the option to go after my idea." And advice for budding entrepreneurs: "I've just started so I'm still learning! But advice I would give people to get started is to invest in yourself, not just with money, but with time."

I see great things ahead for this business... and it's spurring me on to actually do away with my unfounded fears and get mine properly off the ground too... Watch this space!

Brenda (centre) with friends and family showing support

Some of the cute bangles modelled by Brenda's mum-in-law

Africa Live Festival itself had a really lovely chilled vibe - and considering the weather we had the day before in London (it had rained ALL DAY) it was a good sign.

Ah, how I love the summer...

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