Sunday, 13 December 2009

Self: Why Seven is the Magic Number

Seven is a lucky or blessed number for a lot of people. For some, it signifies completion. A week is done. Seventh heaven. Seven out of 10 is enough to get a distinction at uni. I think you get my point...

It’s also the number a wise woman instructed me to use to measure out of 10 whether the man I was dating at the time would be 'worthy of my hand' – the relationship with that particular guy didn’t work out funnily enough.

It’s also the number a friend stated out of 10 I should use to gauge whether I was worthy of heading out of the house, garmentally speaking. Sometimes it was a case of stepping out at five, or even four. Now, that just won’t do.

Seven is real, not idealistic. In my mind, 10 is ultimate perfection – and yes, I can get to eight or even nine, but seven is now the minimum for effort, satisfaction, or aptitude level. I don't aim for seven, but I demand nothing less. We're human and therefore fallible – so seven will do – and hey, it’s my lucky number.

What do you think? Is seven too low, too high? Is it a state of mind? Let me know your thoughts below.


(Photo: Mine)

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