Sunday, 19 December 2010

TV: Who watched The Family? - Part 5

Readers of my blog cannot help but notice my love of the programme The Family.

This documentary captures a mixture of life's dilemmas: dreams, should I eat that cake or not?, relationships, love, music... 

Ah, music. Speaking of music, Ayo was the focus of the show again, and to many people, his life seems to evoke the question: how long should you reach for your dream [or how long is he gonna keep up with this (insert word here)]?

His performance at The Sunday Show in last week's show didn't exactly get the party started and left a lot to be desired. These are some of the things I would (possibly/try to do) about if I was his friend:

    1. (Persistently) Ask him what his other interests are in order to see if there's something else he could concentrate on (obviously as well as him continuing his rapping, of course) that he's suppressed, dismissed/disregarded or seen as unachievable
    2. Get him networking with more good quality MCs if he doesn't already. This would encourage him to perform better - or give it up. As they say: "iron sharpens iron"
    3. Encourage him to do A LOT more gigs. There's nothing like acting out your dream to see whether you should make it a reality - or just slay it
    What would you suggest if you were Ayo's friend?

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