Monday, 17 January 2011

Life: Good wrapped up

I'm learning that the grievous times/the bad things/good things that come to an end all have lessons wrapped up in them.

Those situations are like the most complex but annoying multiple layers of wrapping paper (Ever played Pass the Parcel? Exactly! Thank you.) harbouring the gift you're itching to get to.

You've got to unwrap that annoying paper i.e. experience the bad things/grief etc. before you see your gift in its full glory.

For example, if: being in a not-so-great relationship and then exiting it painfully or breaking away from a well-paid but hated job brings out inner strength, becoming your own best friend, loving and valuing yourself more each day, realising how ignorant you are and have been about life and coming to the realisation that emotions are often NOT NECESSARILY YOUR BEST FRIEND, then so be it.

What lessons have you learnt lately? Do let me know, below...