Wednesday, 16 February 2011

Style: Tanesha from Styling Says – a fashion force!

BOOM! blog writer Ebunola Adenipekun speaks to Tanesha Westcarr, stylist extraordinaire (below) about hip-hop girls, fashion and loving your own skin…

BOOM!: Hi Tanesha, let’s go. There was a story that was mentioned in all the papers, online and TV recently, about 20-year-old Claudia Aderotimi, who died after a cosmetic silicone injection went wrong. What are your thoughts, Tanesha?

Tan: It’s so sad that women still feel the need to look a particular way, when there is so much us women can give beyond external features. There are so many girls who think their body isn’t good enough.

Certain TV programmes and music videos give the impression that rubbing up against a rapper is a great achievement, but a woman has more to offer than that.

It’s so sad that Claudia felt she had to change her body in such an extreme way, although I’m not saying whether women should get cosmetic surgery or not. But I hope that this story helps to shed some light on the media, that it’s not all glitz and glamour. 

You need a thick skin to be in the industry and believe in what you have to offer.

Women feel such pressure to get fame, but there are different ways to get results in the media that involve more than looks, like using your personality and intellect.

B: You say that, but there are millions of women who feel insecure about their looks: too think, too fat, too flat-chested, too large-chested. What about them? 

Women! You need to realise what you’ve got IS ENOUGH! So many people look up to what is actually notoriety and they have a skewed self-image. What they think looks good on others may actually be fake! 

But if someone is adamant about making a positive change, I would advise them to speak to a professional who can understand who they are aiming to be.

Get a stylist or personal trainer who will be able to help you get in shape and regain confidence. A new outfit can do wonders!

Beauty is an inside job too; I can help to find the best way to address insecurities. I always say if you’re the smartest in your group of friends, you’re in the wrong group! Surround yourself with people who are more positive. It’s all about changing mindsets. 

How did you get into styling – it’s certainly been made more popular by Gok Wan and Rachel Zoe!

I’m happy for the Gok Wans and Rachel Zoes. I fell into styling by accident. I had been modelling and had done some fashion PR. While out and about, people would come up to ask where I got my outfits. I realised that something I was doing so effortlessly was something people could benefit from – and it became my business – Styling Says!

What’s so special about Styling Says?                                         

Our unique feature is that we deal with the internal as well as the external. By that I mean we have a team of people to deal with the holistic you. It entails life coaching, nutrition and fitness, as well as styling.

And, oh yes! I’ll be detailing styling tips for different body shapes and sizes, as well as why styling is for everybody in my book Styling Stripped Bare – coming soon!

What about people who think styling is a luxury?

Brilliant! I wouldn’t change that perception anyway! They should continue to feel that way!

Why shouldn’t you treat yourself to a luxury? Styling is not just for celebrities, it’s for everyday people too. And it’s a better rate than you think it would cost. It’s not as expensive as people think it is. Styling is for everyone… for women and men!

I was at a workshop recently and the men were as interested as the women. They are grooming themselves more. The fact is… everyone wants to look good – and so they should!


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