Monday, 1 April 2013

Self: New Self-Development Books

I had the pleasure of reviewing two books over the spring break period: The Yes No Book: How to Do Less and Achieve More by Mike Clayton* and What Managers Don't Know & Workers Can't Tell Them by Darren Smithson*.

Both seem to emphasise the idea of prioritisation...

The Yes No Book is for those who seem to have little time because they happen to yes to a lot. How many of us are guilty of that? The book aims to make you think about what is truly important to you, and what you need to add - and subtract from your decision-making processes to make that happen.

The book is written in a very simple fashion with "gophers, beavers and dormice" popping up throughout the book to illustrate points, it gives you exercises to do, throughout the chapters of the book.

The book will require an investment of time, but it's your life... and you want to make good changes, don't you? Is that a "Yes"...? 

The Yes No Book 7/10

What Managers Don't Know is not just a business book, it has an entrepreneurial outlook, which looks at areas of concern in managing and leading resources - to grow not just a profitable enterprise, but an enjoyable one.

Darren encourages activities such as time and personality audits. It suggests way of you making your environment better - emphasising that half your waking hours are spent working!

The book is filled with advice and anecdotes, in a bright and breezy style and is most useful for entrepreneurial managers, business owners and self-managing employees looking to make the most of their working environment. 

What Managers Don't Know 7.5/10

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