Thursday, 27 August 2015

An Open Letter to the Fashion Industry

Dear Fashion Industry,

I hope you are well and feeling good.

Right, I'll get to the point. We need to talk... I know you are changing, Fashion Industry, but in my humble opinion... you are not changing quickly enough. It's true, I gasp and am in awe of your floaty dresses and jewelled creations on your catwalk models... they are truly stunning pieces...

Zuhair Murad - stunning


I want you to create new silhouettes that suit more than the size triple zero model. I don't have a problem that there are triple zero-size models if they are healthily built that way, why should I? We are all beautiful in every single way (I'm gettting all Christina Aguilera on you). But I do want you to design a piece that will probably be called subversive because it doesn't fit the usual mould on someone like me who ain't size 000...

As Shakira once sang: "I dare you".

I want to see new cuts on the shoulder that hint at elegance yet edginess... A dress that grasps at the curves I consider pleasant... Trousers that skim the hips yet don't make one feel sorry for jutting... I have what I would consider, a protruding derrière too (before Nicki and JLo made it mainstream haha lols - that's a different open letter) and yet the material at the back of a dress I might wear doesn't seem to compensate for that and I would like it to.

There are parts I would love to see accentuated more in clothes and bits I could do without showing to the world...

There may be people who think there are more important subjects that bloggers could talk about but isn't how you feel in a outfit that's meant to represent you and your personality quite a substantial topic?

Some may also think "Well, lose the weight then!" or "get yo' size zero life" I am working on that hehe, but that's not the point! Let me wear something decent now. I am fed up of wearing unflatteringly short or slightly too long dresses... or the same standardised outfit as the next curvy person... but I desire some different and I think others do too.

I am excited about what Fashion Industry can come up with in the next few years (I might even try it myself at some point!). I want it to trickle down from haute couture to the high street. Items on the shelves that will be a hybrid of well-known creations to bring about an outfit overhaul, or completely anew and will need new names, needing a rethink of how to fasten, zip, stretch, wrap or button.

There are so many shapes and outfits yet to be created... this is the era to show them...

I dare you.

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