Monday, 10 August 2015

On weight... addition

This is one of those "should I, shouldn't I" posts, but it's something I'm hoping to help not only me, but if it additionally helps just one more person, it'll be worth it...

Over the last three or four years my weight has gone up by really really unwanted levels... (NO I'm not disclosing what it says on the scales) but safe to say I want choose less of it!

The thing about insidious weight addition (not gain, 'cos did I win a competition? No.) is that it is probably (most likely) about unwise culinary decisions made day by day - I also wonder how it has gone on for so long...

It's not great to think you're responsible for sabotaging yourself health-wise. But at the same time, it's empowering when you remember that the power to change is in your scope. Please be clear I'm not inviting anyone to comment on my weight. (It is not up for discussion.) What is, is a healthy (pun unintended, really) dialogue about what methods we use to safely and responsibly lose (I don't like that word in this context because it implies a desire to find lol so I will use... REMOVE) remove excess weight. There's also room to discuss fattening farms and whether health really is subjective or objective.

This year I have yo-yoed a bit - and that's not because I have been starving myself, then gorging, no, I do go hrough phases where I desire nothing but mackerel and avocado and lemon juice, the next nothing but sweet calorific treats.

What has been helping me remove some body mass is running which I have been doing in the last few weeks. I know some people hate it but I like pounding the park while listening to my Runnin' playlist (on there? Among others Lianne La Havas, D'Angelo, Janet Jackson etc) as the Nike Running App tells me how I'm doing each kilometre. I have lost a few pounds alone from running and eating more mackerel and avocado as aforementioned.

I want to incorporate fun exercises such as rollerskating or rollerblading (which would you recommend out of the two?), rock climbing too.

Again, I reiterate this isn't an invitation to comment on my weight.

And so the journey continues...

The aim is to remove a target mass with sensible ideas. Pinterest is pretty helpful for scrapbooking food tips and tricks.

I would love to hear your ideas and stories on how you are doing and being in the health journey!

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