Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Embracing Autumn (Fall)


I can understand why a lot of people love Autumn (Fall). Colours of the leaves are glorious, the weather is neither deliriously hot nor painfully cold.

Me, I've kind of been indifferent to the season (apart from the fashion, which is always amazing, I mean, the coats and dresses are just gorgeous) because the temperature drops, the nights come sooner *boo* and the outdoor activities reduce, but this time I'm determined to embrace this transitional time.

I'll embrace:

  • The delightful colours nature brings in the trees

  • The opportunities to perhaps start a new course
  • The season's wardrobe! It's all about warm jumpers, scarves, coats, boots, rich-tone make-up and jewellery.
  •  Autumn's events such as Fireworks (well glaze over it's about Guy)
Autumn has a lot to offer and I intend to relish it!

Happy Autumn!

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